Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Business?!

Hard to believe but I've decided on another adventure.  I love the horses and the farm and the clients, don't get me wrong, but I wanted to try on a new something.  That something turned out to be Real Estate.  Just before Covid hit I had done all my course work and was ready to take the test.  There is a lot to study for.  This is no joke.  My test was scheduled and then Covid hit.  It was postponed several times, but in June I finally got to take it.  It was a pressure cooker for sure.  Kind of like riding down center line for the first time.  The stats say that less than 50%  who take the test pass.  I was definitely feeling burdened.  However, I passed and I was ready to take the bull by the horns.  

I am now trying to build my data base and get my feet wet through different types of transactions.  I am helping people with everything from rentals to land purchases to develop the farm of their dreams.  I would like to one day be the "go to gal" for farm purchases and everything equine.  Having said that, I am not going to not help people with home purchases in subdivisions or rentals, I will always help people in any way that I can.  I would like to specialize tho.  After all horses are certainly my jam!!

You see, I am not alone in this.,  I have a team of people behind me supporting me and teaching me everything I need to learn,.  I am pretty sure they are thinking I'm crazy with all my questions, but as with the equine aspect of my life, I want to be able to assist in any way I can so that means learning all I can.  

So if you know anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, please sent them my way and I will take the very best care of them.  

Here is my card, I even got a hair and make-up person!  I was a model for a day, (ok a hot minute) ,but it was fun nonetheless.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We have added a very exciting feature to our show series.  At each of our shows Nell Kushlak, a licensed massage therapist, will be on site giving discounted massages to competitors horse's after their rides.  We have personally used Nell for our own show horses and have found her expertise to be an invaluable asset to the cooling down and relaxation process after a heavy workout.  Just like my own workout sessions, it is nice to get a deep tissue massage, to help relax my tired muscles.  I found that my stallion, who is back in jumper work after several years off, really enjoyed Nell's session after a particularly tough workout.  He was able to tell her where he needed extra "help" and where he was "good to go". 

So come show your horse in our wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, get your feedback from the judge, then get a discounted massage for your horse after.  Evergreen Farm, your one stop Equine facility!!!
Lots of things to post about...

EF LLameri has been sold to Debi, a client and student of Beth Thomas' of Stone Hollow Arabain Sport Horses.  Debi will be using Meri as a true sport horse, she plans on doing some dressage, some hunter/jumper work, some trail riding, some cow work, and whatever else strikes Debi's fancy.  Meri and Debi seem to have really hit it off as if they've been old friends forever.  I believe I've heard the term "soul mates" or "perfect match" thrown around already.  I have even heard a rumor that they will make their debut at The Eastern Arabian Show... Congratulations Debi on a match made in heaven.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Once all the tack was moved into the new tack room it was time for the most important part... The decorations! Being that we are a horse bran, we tend to not have "normal" decorations. Our decorations consist of ribbons. Ninety percent of which Pam earned growing up.

Hanging them was a monster of a task though.

We had to sort through them , fix broken ones, clean them, and then hand them to Pam to hang up.

It was no small task! But soon an assembly line was born. Fast Forward an hour or two... entire wall of ribbons. Lastly, the plaques of the names of the horses that earned these ribbons.

 After all this hard work, Pam relaxes on the "new" couch in the new lounge.
New Pictures to come soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We have some great numbers to post...

We did our fecals today; we have 12 horses residing on the farm, of those 12 only 4 or 33% had + fecal counts and need to be de-wormed!  Of those 12, one lives in his own private pasture, KKoi, and the other 11 horses live in the herd.  Of those 4 the major offender is a newer boarder, who, while she was wormed just prior to coming and left in isolation for 2 weeks, still maintains a full heavy load and dirtied the fields up some.  We say this as the other 3 horses were negative at the last fecal count so they must have climbed up due to her sharing the paddock.  Oh and the counts 150 epg, 275 epg and 125 epg. Nothing huge or scary, but just enough to de-worm this go round. No matter, the proof is in the management techniques we use here at Evergreen Farm.  Where else can 11 horses maintain a winter sacrifice field not much bigger than 5 acres and only 4 of them need to be de-wormed after 5 months?  And the elderly and the coming 2 year old aren't even on the list of needing de-worming!  That's attention to detail!  It is amazing what a little field drag and isolation of new horses can do when they arrive.  That's maintenance and management perfection, that's enjoying your horse...  from the hoof up!

Monday, April 9, 2012

March Went In With a Lion and Out With an Addition

Here at Evergreen we’ve been super busy with lots of changes and renovations, one of them being an addition to our old barn. The new addition mirrored the other side (the wash stall and the old tack room). The new addition is the new tack room. It’s much roomier with loft ceilings and semi-carpeted floors. It also has skylights which provide natural lighting and gives the room a more open feeling as compared to the old tack room. When it first began construction it was no more than a cement pad with the shell of the building put up. We had a difficult time getting the long wood beams to our farm though, and had to think of a creative way of getting them safely home. They were too long to put in the car, too long to put in the back of the truck and still be able to turn so our solution was using the horse trailer to haul the wood beams home. It was very apropos considering that the trailer is used to bring horses to our farm and hopefully the new tack room will do the same.

Old Tack room