Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last, but Not Least

Evergreen had our last show yesterday and we want to thank Evelyn Pfoutz for filling in last minute for us. We also want to thank all of our dedicated competitors who stuck with us throughout this whole rescheduling process. The whole reason we put on these shows is for the competitors; whether we have a small or a big show, we are thrilled to be able to provide riders with a chance to do everything from practicing for bigger shows to learning what showing is all about. Another great thing about the shows is the chance for us to watch competitors grow themselves. In the beginning of the year all of the first time competitors are nervous and so stressed, but by time the last show rolls around, they are in the swing of things and are relaxed, having fun, cracking jokes and making new friends. It's one of the things that we love about our job, it makes all our extra hours and hard work worth it. We hope that with each and every show season we can make new friends, have new experiences and bring new people, both young and old, into the showing world. So once again, thank you to everyone for another great show season, we are looking forward to next year!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Long time no post! We have lots of stuff to fill you in with. The first off is NATIONALS, and what a trip it was! We brought along Sarah Duclos, Toni Over and Amy Lebo (faithful groom). What started off as a beautiful sunny, warm week quickly turned to practically the dead of winter, and of course the ever faithful weather men didn’t bother to warn the public of the cold snap, so the crew was stuck without winter clothes and had to layer all of the t-shirts that they had brought and the one sweater, and let me tell you, what a sight they were. They did have plenty of laughs and fun with all the horse friends at the barn parties like Denise and Robert Gainey, Anjie and Donald Williby, and of course, Beth Tomas and the Stone Hollow Crew. With Great friends and good times, Nationals was unforgettable! 
Next we have Meri (EF LLameri), who took her first time on a cross country course and she loved it! Galloping up and down the hills, of course she didn’t take any of the jumps, but she couldn’t get enough of the wind and freedom, and surprisingly she did better in her next test after her run. She even tied for 10th in SHUS Jr. Horse (in the finals!), ultimately it was the judge’s decision and they chose the other horse over Meri. I think we can all agree that Meri should have won and we all Congratulate her on getting as far as she did. Meri, as most of you know, is home bred and a 3rd generation horse here at Evergreen Farm. We all love and support her and can’t wait for the next big show! GOOD JOB AND GOOD LUCK MERI!
Lastly, I want to go off of the topic of Nationals for a bit to let you guys know about an Amazing Trainer, Holly Leasor. Holly recently gave birth to a little girl named Ivy, but is jumping right back into training with lots of new clients. Holly has trained with trainers all over the country, and we are very lucky to have her expertise here at Evergreen Farm. She, like most people, is in love with Arabs and is loving her time here at Evergreen. However, she is always looking to expand on her ever growing program, so if you have a horse that you want to have expert Dressage training then Holly is the one for you.   With her background in Eventing she can even work on jumping training as well. 
The mirrors in the indoor are just about complete so the construction on the new tack room should begin soon.   We look forward to the ever changing landscape at Evergreen Farm. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot, Hot Show

Here at Evergreen our shows are hot! Literally! Our July show was a hot one, AFTER the lunch break. The first part of it was breezy, overcast and reasonably cool, which we were thankful for. Although, we had woken up early that morning and put out a water trough for the horses and put out towels and iced water if the riders got hot. We had the fans ready to be turned on to keep the horses cool in warm up, we put out free water in case the riders got too hot and thirsty, we were ready for everyone to be cool in at least 115°F, but it didn’t get that hot. We were extremely lucky that the few scratches we did have were filled by other riders on the waiting list, (yup we had a full show) who were prepared to bear the heat. The people who did come were SO happy we held the show, and were extremely grateful.
This was our first show with the AIRFOOT footing and it seemed like every single person was commenting on how amazing the footing was! After 50 rides, a massive rainfall, followed by heat, dryness and other extremely sporadic weather, the arena had absolutely NO DUST! WAIT! There’s more! There was also no trace of a track. At all. In fact, to this day we haven’t had to harrow it yet. Now this arena has been used all week plus the show… That’s amazing! We are totally enamored with it! It’s the best thing since air conditioning!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Lovin'

With Summer and warm air comes riding and time with loved ones, and by that I mean the ponies! Ponies, Horses, The children, call them what you must, however as much as we like raising them, we also love hearing about how much fun their owners are having with them.
EF Epona’s Shenanigans (Nani) was sold to the lovely Ms. Monica Ortega, who loves Nani soo much! She is so excited to train her and love her. She is lucky enough to have the opportunity to live a near the Scott Sarkozi Training center, who trains in many disciplines and this gives her many options for futures and different careers. We are very proud of Nani and her owner and hope that we will see them in the show ring soon.
EF She’s Alada KKoi (Princess) was bought by endurance Rider Skip. All of his friends say that they are like soul mates and are great on the trail! Recently they did a midnight trail in which Princess lead the trail, ahead of more experienced horses. She never questions anything she is asked to do and he has “never had a horse do that before.” She is also trailblazing and doing some hardcore endurance training for upcoming races. We are waiting to hear about more achievements and to see some pictures.
EF Bravado (Jimmy) was bought by Marjorie Chema. He is a once in a life time horse…. She thinks she is the luckiest women alive to have purchased such a wonderful horse. We are glad to see that she loves him so much.
Lastly, (EF KKoi’s Braveheart aka Ben aka EF Partner In Crime aka Punk) has been bussyyy this summer from riding lessons to hunter shows to cross country jumping to swimming in the pond this pony has been doing it all!! Pictures are below.
Don’t forget to check out pics for this upcoming show @


busy BuSy BUSY!

First off, I would like to say hello and welcome back! Sorry for not posting anything recently, been a crazy summer. It’s also been a crazy summer for EF LLameri, who went to the VAHA show and she is going to Nationals in 1st level dressage!! At Nationals she is also going to be doing training level junior horse and various sport horse under saddle classes. We all wish Meri good luck in the show and congrats for her accomplishments!
                Speaking of Showing… I hope all of you remembered that here at Evergreen we are having a show this upcoming Saturday (July 23). Closing date is in 3 days (Monday 18th)!!! Please remember that the entry has to be either post marked or in Pam’s hands in order for it to be accepted. The judge for Saturday’s show is Ms. Jessica McTaggert who graduated with an L with distinction. This is her first show with us and we are looking forward to welcoming her with a great show. Speaking of great shows, as the year progresses our shows have been swiftly gaining entries and we are thrilled!
                Another reason that this upcoming show is going to be new is the fact that we have brand new footing. Yes I said it folks, bbrraannndd new footing. It’s called AIRFOOT and you can read about it here. However, if you don’t want to read about it there, I can just tell you here. AIRFOOT is essentially ground up running shoes. Now that may not sound too terribly interesting, but think about it. People spend millions of dollars designing and engineering materials to support and cushion runners’ feet. These same materials, when added to footing, can reduce concussion rates, add cush and spring to horses steps. Yet, as they do this, they do not change it so significantly that adjustments are needed when experiencing a new footing.
“The rubber itself provides a degree of cushion, but the real value comes from Bridging which is the result of AIRFOOT particles creating millions of tiny air pockets in your footing. As your horse travels over these bridges, the air is forced out, and they gently collapse.”
 It also prevents packing and traps moisture and dust. This footing is used by the top riders in all disciplines. It is highly recommended and we think you should come try it out on the 23rd.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shows, Dogs and Horses, OH MY!

In other business, I'd like to say thanks to all you troopers who made it out to yesterday's show, despite the sketchy weather. It was a good, full show, with the exception of the rain. We even had entries from Pennsylvania!! All of these people were rewarded too! Thanks to our new sponsors, we were able to give out goodies, such as feed, bedding samples and treats! Also, we had a sporthorse class on top of the normal dressage classes. Keep bringing those youngsters! Can't wait to see you next show!! Dede Bierbauer is the judge and the date is June 11th, with entries due by June 6th. Furthermore, Cathy Stark, with Stark photography will have photos up shortly.


For those of you that were here at Evergreen on Saturday, you also know that's two important members of the Dors Family were missing since late Friday night. Our dogs, Trinity and Zeus. After hours of searching, calling, driving, contacting neighbors, vets, animal hospitals, pounds, making house calls, passing out flyers and just worrying, our dogs were returned to us by a neighbor. We were so relieved to finally have them back and trust me, they were happy to be back, if not a bit muddy. After a long warm bath, and plenty of food, the dogs curled up in their beds and slept where they belong, in their home.

Other good news! Jimmy (EF Bravado) left this afternoon and went to his new home to some wonderful people who are going to love him tremendously. AALLLSSOOO, Nani (EF Epona's Shenanigans) was also sold to a new owner, Monica Ortega, who will take her to the next step in her training and will be a great match. As sad as we are to see those both leave, we know they are going to great homes and maybe one day we'll see them again in the show ring. J



Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Here at Evergreen we finally had the first show of the season! Thank you everyone who made the show such a success! For those of you who missed it for some crazy reason, it was April 2 and the judge was the ever reliable Mary Alice Crawford. Big thanks to her and the weather; she must have magical powers, because the weather managed to hold off until we were packing up. We also can thank Mary Alice Crawford for attracting such a large crowd, given it was the first show of the year. We saw lots of new faces and many old ones and are grateful for all of them. Remember closing date for our next show is May 9, so hurry up and get your entries in for the first spots on May 14. The judge for the next show is Linda Fragale. We are hoping for wonderful spring weather, so come on out, if not to show then to watch and support all the riders.


Also, below is a link to the pictures taken by Cathy Stark with Stark Photography and are still available for purchase.$2C$5B$


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Show [Series] Must Go On!


As most of you know the show season is coming fast and we here at Evergreen Farm are super excited for our '11 series! We have posted the new dates and judges for this year! (Link below) We hope see some new and old faces. Bring your friends, bring your family for our laid back shows and don't forget to try our world famous (okay maybe not yet!) crumb cake.

Also, keep checking back in, we might have some exciting news coming up for you guys. ;)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello 2011

Here at Evergreen we wish everyone a belated Happy New Year! Like I’m sure you have, Evergreen too has a new year’s resolution, to “SHOW SHOW SHOW!” 

Okay, maybe not, but we are still planning on showing off our new and older stock, getting them out into the world. Like, Dolly (Katchina Doll) and Spidey (EF KKonfidence), two of our purebreds which are on the sales radar. In addition, we have Nani (EF Epona's Shenanigans) and Jimmy (EF Bravado); two lovely half-breads, which we are looking for good homes for.  We are planning on showing these and other get of KKoi  whom we are hoping will go to some loving (and showing!) homes, preferably before the year lets out. All of the sales horses can be seen on our sales page at 

Once we sell some of the kids- I mean horses- we are planning on starting ground work for the full sized area. We started on it last spring and may scrap those plans and just add on to the current ring.  If we add a complete new ring Rick says we will officially be a "three ring circus!"  So not only for the show series and our personal need, but so can accommodate higher level trainers wishing for rented ring use.

We have set the dates for our own show series as well.  The Evergreen Farm dressage Schooling Show Series is in its 7th year.  How time flies by!!!  The dates can bee seen on the show series page.  The page will be updated with the judges list and an entry form soon. 

We plan to make a presence at the Lexington Horse Center at Spring Classic from April 22-24.  If your there come by and say hi!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye 2010

How was your 2010? 2010 was a good year for Evergreen. It was a year of relaxation, recuperation, and revival. After Pam got Histoplasmosis from the "flying rats" she's been healing and is finally ready to ride again. As for the horses, Jimmy (EF Bravado) was accepted into The Oldenburg GOV after passing his inspection in September. Unfortunately, his mother, Sabi (Sabyianna) was put down last year, due to old age. She lived to a ripe age of 25 years old. She will be loved and missed, may she rest in peace. Speaking about missing, we sold Ben (EF KKoi's Braveheart, now EF Partner in Crime) to a wonderful lesson/pony hunter show barn where he is affectionately called Punk and is much loved and shown. Also, Princess (EF She's Alada KKoi) is on trial to an Endurance home where she too will be loved and shown a lot. Kudos to KKoi for producing such a diverse range of get; pony show hunters to endurance, can't get much more expansive than that! Lastly, Blossom (East of Eden) and Beauty (EF KKlassique Beauty++) are both on open leases and we are hoping will be sold soon.