Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello 2011

Here at Evergreen we wish everyone a belated Happy New Year! Like I’m sure you have, Evergreen too has a new year’s resolution, to “SHOW SHOW SHOW!” 

Okay, maybe not, but we are still planning on showing off our new and older stock, getting them out into the world. Like, Dolly (Katchina Doll) and Spidey (EF KKonfidence), two of our purebreds which are on the sales radar. In addition, we have Nani (EF Epona's Shenanigans) and Jimmy (EF Bravado); two lovely half-breads, which we are looking for good homes for.  We are planning on showing these and other get of KKoi  whom we are hoping will go to some loving (and showing!) homes, preferably before the year lets out. All of the sales horses can be seen on our sales page at 

Once we sell some of the kids- I mean horses- we are planning on starting ground work for the full sized area. We started on it last spring and may scrap those plans and just add on to the current ring.  If we add a complete new ring Rick says we will officially be a "three ring circus!"  So not only for the show series and our personal need, but so can accommodate higher level trainers wishing for rented ring use.

We have set the dates for our own show series as well.  The Evergreen Farm dressage Schooling Show Series is in its 7th year.  How time flies by!!!  The dates can bee seen on the show series page.  The page will be updated with the judges list and an entry form soon. 

We plan to make a presence at the Lexington Horse Center at Spring Classic from April 22-24.  If your there come by and say hi!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye 2010

How was your 2010? 2010 was a good year for Evergreen. It was a year of relaxation, recuperation, and revival. After Pam got Histoplasmosis from the "flying rats" she's been healing and is finally ready to ride again. As for the horses, Jimmy (EF Bravado) was accepted into The Oldenburg GOV after passing his inspection in September. Unfortunately, his mother, Sabi (Sabyianna) was put down last year, due to old age. She lived to a ripe age of 25 years old. She will be loved and missed, may she rest in peace. Speaking about missing, we sold Ben (EF KKoi's Braveheart, now EF Partner in Crime) to a wonderful lesson/pony hunter show barn where he is affectionately called Punk and is much loved and shown. Also, Princess (EF She's Alada KKoi) is on trial to an Endurance home where she too will be loved and shown a lot. Kudos to KKoi for producing such a diverse range of get; pony show hunters to endurance, can't get much more expansive than that! Lastly, Blossom (East of Eden) and Beauty (EF KKlassique Beauty++) are both on open leases and we are hoping will be sold soon.