Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot, Hot Show

Here at Evergreen our shows are hot! Literally! Our July show was a hot one, AFTER the lunch break. The first part of it was breezy, overcast and reasonably cool, which we were thankful for. Although, we had woken up early that morning and put out a water trough for the horses and put out towels and iced water if the riders got hot. We had the fans ready to be turned on to keep the horses cool in warm up, we put out free water in case the riders got too hot and thirsty, we were ready for everyone to be cool in at least 115°F, but it didn’t get that hot. We were extremely lucky that the few scratches we did have were filled by other riders on the waiting list, (yup we had a full show) who were prepared to bear the heat. The people who did come were SO happy we held the show, and were extremely grateful.
This was our first show with the AIRFOOT footing and it seemed like every single person was commenting on how amazing the footing was! After 50 rides, a massive rainfall, followed by heat, dryness and other extremely sporadic weather, the arena had absolutely NO DUST! WAIT! There’s more! There was also no trace of a track. At all. In fact, to this day we haven’t had to harrow it yet. Now this arena has been used all week plus the show… That’s amazing! We are totally enamored with it! It’s the best thing since air conditioning!