Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shows, Dogs and Horses, OH MY!

In other business, I'd like to say thanks to all you troopers who made it out to yesterday's show, despite the sketchy weather. It was a good, full show, with the exception of the rain. We even had entries from Pennsylvania!! All of these people were rewarded too! Thanks to our new sponsors, we were able to give out goodies, such as feed, bedding samples and treats! Also, we had a sporthorse class on top of the normal dressage classes. Keep bringing those youngsters! Can't wait to see you next show!! Dede Bierbauer is the judge and the date is June 11th, with entries due by June 6th. Furthermore, Cathy Stark, with Stark photography will have photos up shortly.


For those of you that were here at Evergreen on Saturday, you also know that's two important members of the Dors Family were missing since late Friday night. Our dogs, Trinity and Zeus. After hours of searching, calling, driving, contacting neighbors, vets, animal hospitals, pounds, making house calls, passing out flyers and just worrying, our dogs were returned to us by a neighbor. We were so relieved to finally have them back and trust me, they were happy to be back, if not a bit muddy. After a long warm bath, and plenty of food, the dogs curled up in their beds and slept where they belong, in their home.

Other good news! Jimmy (EF Bravado) left this afternoon and went to his new home to some wonderful people who are going to love him tremendously. AALLLSSOOO, Nani (EF Epona's Shenanigans) was also sold to a new owner, Monica Ortega, who will take her to the next step in her training and will be a great match. As sad as we are to see those both leave, we know they are going to great homes and maybe one day we'll see them again in the show ring. J