Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We have added a very exciting feature to our show series.  At each of our shows Nell Kushlak, a licensed massage therapist, will be on site giving discounted massages to competitors horse's after their rides.  We have personally used Nell for our own show horses and have found her expertise to be an invaluable asset to the cooling down and relaxation process after a heavy workout.  Just like my own workout sessions, it is nice to get a deep tissue massage, to help relax my tired muscles.  I found that my stallion, who is back in jumper work after several years off, really enjoyed Nell's session after a particularly tough workout.  He was able to tell her where he needed extra "help" and where he was "good to go". 

So come show your horse in our wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, get your feedback from the judge, then get a discounted massage for your horse after.  Evergreen Farm, your one stop Equine facility!!!
Lots of things to post about...

EF LLameri has been sold to Debi, a client and student of Beth Thomas' of Stone Hollow Arabain Sport Horses.  Debi will be using Meri as a true sport horse, she plans on doing some dressage, some hunter/jumper work, some trail riding, some cow work, and whatever else strikes Debi's fancy.  Meri and Debi seem to have really hit it off as if they've been old friends forever.  I believe I've heard the term "soul mates" or "perfect match" thrown around already.  I have even heard a rumor that they will make their debut at The Eastern Arabian Show... Congratulations Debi on a match made in heaven.