Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last, but Not Least

Evergreen had our last show yesterday and we want to thank Evelyn Pfoutz for filling in last minute for us. We also want to thank all of our dedicated competitors who stuck with us throughout this whole rescheduling process. The whole reason we put on these shows is for the competitors; whether we have a small or a big show, we are thrilled to be able to provide riders with a chance to do everything from practicing for bigger shows to learning what showing is all about. Another great thing about the shows is the chance for us to watch competitors grow themselves. In the beginning of the year all of the first time competitors are nervous and so stressed, but by time the last show rolls around, they are in the swing of things and are relaxed, having fun, cracking jokes and making new friends. It's one of the things that we love about our job, it makes all our extra hours and hard work worth it. We hope that with each and every show season we can make new friends, have new experiences and bring new people, both young and old, into the showing world. So once again, thank you to everyone for another great show season, we are looking forward to next year!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Long time no post! We have lots of stuff to fill you in with. The first off is NATIONALS, and what a trip it was! We brought along Sarah Duclos, Toni Over and Amy Lebo (faithful groom). What started off as a beautiful sunny, warm week quickly turned to practically the dead of winter, and of course the ever faithful weather men didn’t bother to warn the public of the cold snap, so the crew was stuck without winter clothes and had to layer all of the t-shirts that they had brought and the one sweater, and let me tell you, what a sight they were. They did have plenty of laughs and fun with all the horse friends at the barn parties like Denise and Robert Gainey, Anjie and Donald Williby, and of course, Beth Tomas and the Stone Hollow Crew. With Great friends and good times, Nationals was unforgettable! 
Next we have Meri (EF LLameri), who took her first time on a cross country course and she loved it! Galloping up and down the hills, of course she didn’t take any of the jumps, but she couldn’t get enough of the wind and freedom, and surprisingly she did better in her next test after her run. She even tied for 10th in SHUS Jr. Horse (in the finals!), ultimately it was the judge’s decision and they chose the other horse over Meri. I think we can all agree that Meri should have won and we all Congratulate her on getting as far as she did. Meri, as most of you know, is home bred and a 3rd generation horse here at Evergreen Farm. We all love and support her and can’t wait for the next big show! GOOD JOB AND GOOD LUCK MERI!
Lastly, I want to go off of the topic of Nationals for a bit to let you guys know about an Amazing Trainer, Holly Leasor. Holly recently gave birth to a little girl named Ivy, but is jumping right back into training with lots of new clients. Holly has trained with trainers all over the country, and we are very lucky to have her expertise here at Evergreen Farm. She, like most people, is in love with Arabs and is loving her time here at Evergreen. However, she is always looking to expand on her ever growing program, so if you have a horse that you want to have expert Dressage training then Holly is the one for you.   With her background in Eventing she can even work on jumping training as well. 
The mirrors in the indoor are just about complete so the construction on the new tack room should begin soon.   We look forward to the ever changing landscape at Evergreen Farm.